Injaz UEA Educators

Teachers welcome INJAZ UAE into their classrooms because they help young people connect the academic content with what they will experience in the world outside of school when making decisions about work and personal finances.

Students have unlimited opportunities but not always the skill sets to use them. INJAZ UAE brings private sector mentors to teach students work skills that are usually not part of the typical school curriculum, but key to their future success. INJAZ UAE programs focus on Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy skills and are offered free-of-charge for students. Mentors are professionals who can give students real time, real life education about the modern market.


Benefits to Educators

  • Engage students in programs and opportunities
  • Help raise awareness amongst faculty / students
  • Share academic schedules and calendars
  • Support faculty and students enrolled in INJAZ UAE
  • Provide workshop and/or classroom venues
  • Support out of campus program activities
  • Support INJAZ UAE team and provide feedback
  • Encourage corporate volunteers
  • Help coordinate activities with INJAZ UAE
  • Attend appreciation events

What our educators say about us

Joanne Rowe, Educator

“It was a pleasure to work with INJAZ-UAE.  Not only did the students gain huge insights into entrepreneurship but it highlighted the benefits of student-centered learning with excellent facilitation. Look forward to more innovative and inspiring workshops.”

Joanne Rowe,

Lana Ayyash, Educator

“A big thank you goes to INJAZ-UAE for the wonderful day our students had here at FWC. They have learned so much about entrepreneurship, leadership, and most importantly about themselves. On behalf of all of our students and management, I would like to sincerely thank you. We are hoping that this is the just beginning of many workshops to come. Our Business students are already asking about the next workshop.”

Lana Ayyash,

Fauzan Qazi, Educator

“This was an excellent event! The students benefited and liked it very much. Thanks to the INJAZ-UAE team including the industry volunteers for arranging the event, driving up here for the day and giving their time. The feedback I received was very positive. The Business and IT students who attended enjoyed it and thought it so worthwhile that they are demanding another round. My students who attended would like “Entrepreneurship” as a course next academic year.”

Fauzan Qazi,

Salwa Budebs, Educator

“Over the course of four years, INJAZ-UAE offered numerous financial programs for female students enrolled at our school. These programs have had a positive impact and were well-received by students; the latest of which was the ‘Personal Economics’ program. Students of the seventh and eighth classes benefitted from this program, with proven effect upon them. Besides the enjoyment affiliated with the training process and distinct workshops, students’ concepts and information regarding financial aspects began to crystallize, and they became more capable of understanding financial issues more inclusively and acquired a broad knowledge of decision-making skills pertinent to their finances, alongside putting their feet on the right track vis-à- vis planning their future from a financial perspective. Moreover, these programs supplemented and enriched mathematics classes at the school via these workshops. The students are utterly satisfied with the program, and so are we. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in providing these programs that have pleased the school and enlightened its students.”

Mrs. Salwa Budebs,

Dr. Mohammed Q Siddiqui, Educator

“The Innovation Day Camp organized by INJAZ-UAE at Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) was a unique opportunity for the students to get hands on experience of some of the theories they were learning in class. The format of the Innovation Camp was very entertaining and educational for students. It helped them to think outside the box. The exercise of idea generation and developing ideas from that as a team was the most important and enjoyable activity for students of the Innovation Camp.”

Dr. Mohammed Q Siddiqui,

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